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Services Offered By

Zachow Plumbing

Residential Plumbing

  • General contracting or we can provide a turn-key projects
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Additions

Commercial Plumbing

  • New buildings design-build/plan and spec
  • Remodeling design build/plan and spec
  • Complete piping systems
  • Storm and sanitary building drains
  • Excavating and installation
  • Compressed air piping
  • State licensed backflow preventer testing
  • Gas piping

Reliable Sub-Contractor Services Available

  • Carpentry work
  • Licensed electricians
  • Drywall repair/new
  • Painting
  • Concrete work – cutting and removal
  • Asphalt work
  • Tile work
  • Custom cabinetry

Check out all installation and repair services before:

Zachow Plumbing will be there when you need us. We know emergencies arise and in the “plumbing world”, it can be a day breaker if someone can’t help you. You can count on Zachow Plumbing to help you in “ALL” plumbing emergencies. If no one answers we will be notified by phone message and we will respond immediately to your call.

Gas or electric, we carry them both. Our selection of water heaters are chosen from the most proven in the industry. We carry manufacturers such as Ruud, Rheem, AO Smith, Bradford & White. We also carry and install tank storage types and tank-less water heaters. We offer free consultation to advise you on your best choice that meets your life style and your hot water heat demands.

We carry and install plumbing fixtures manufactured by the most proven in the industry. Kohler, Mansfield, American Standard, ProFlo, Toto, Grohe, Moen, Delta, Zurn, Bradley, Elkay, Chicago Faucet and many more. We can recommend plumbing fixture showrooms and help set up appointments so you can chose what plumbing fixtures are right for your project.

There are types and brands of electric submersible or upright sump pumps. Knowing what brands and horse powers can be frustrating. Zachow Plumbing will help you make these determinations. If you are interested in a battery back-up system, you have come to the right spot. Power failures have been known to flood basements when there is no power to run your sump pump. Whether it is a new sump pump installation or a replacement for a burned our sump pump, Zachow Plumbing is here to help.

Zachow Plumbing is experts when it comes to sanitary pumps whether they are grinder or sewerage ejector pumps. Our advice is free, our service is extraordinary.

Zachow Plumbing carries a wide range of residential and commercial garbage disposals. Whether it is a replacement or new installation, we can get the job done for you.

Zachow Plumbing is experts when it comes to backwater valve installation and replacement. We know emergencies can arise when the only prevention to keeping city sewers from backing up into your basement fail. Call us for emergency service anytime days, nights and weekends.

Whether it is industrial or residential, Zachow Plumbing will come to your aid in cleaning main sewer lines or simple kitchen and bathroom drains. If you can’t get it down, call (262) 373-1822 for immediate service.

If you are remodeling or simply updating your existing water pipes, call Zachow Plumbing for the best solutions in replacing old steel or lead water piping with copper, pex or cpvc. We will make the best recommendations to fit your budget and get the job done.

Plumbing repairs can be frustrating if the repairs are failing. If you have been trying the do-it-your-self approach and it is not working call Zachow Plumbing. We will get those water and drain line leaks repaired. We will take care of those minor faucet repair or replacement issues that drive you crazy. If you have a frustrating toilet problem, call us to repair it or replace it.

Zachow Plumbing keeps up with all the latest technologies in the “Green Trends”. We will make recommendations on complete lines of water saving plumbing fixtures including 1.6 Or 1.28 gallon per flush toilets and water-less urinals.

Zachow Plumbing is experts in gravity or pumped water recirculation systems. New technologies can provide hot water instantly to your faucets which are all designed to save energy and time.

Zachow Plumbing plays by the book. We know that if you take short cuts it could lead to serious situations. We want our customers to know that we take our profession very seriously. We will always invite inspectors to review our work when necessary.

When it comes to gas piping you must use the proper materials. We will advise you in all situations when it is best to use black iron or copper piping systems for use with Natural Gas or LP.

Wisconsin winters are famous for creating frozen water pipes. This generally occurs when the proper insulation or installations was not adequate. Zachow Plumbing will advise you on how we will repair and prevent frozen water pipes from occurring in the future.

The news trends in convenience are now available for simple ice makers. Whether you have a residential need or a commercial need, you can count on Zachow Plumbing for your ice maker hook-ups.

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